Director in Charge: Dawn Dawson (705-377-5003)

  1. Only those families entered in the Family Fun Trophy Competition may enter items in this class.
  2. Only one entry per section per family.
  3. All entries must be handmade, and not computer generated, unless specified.
  4. Roots, vegetables and flowers must be home grown.
  5. Where possible, families are encouraged to work together to complete items.
  6. Pre-register your exhibit entries on the fair website or by contacting Bev
    McDermid @ 705-377-4668 or Dawn Dawson @ 705-377-5003 before 11:59 pm on Friday, August 6th.
  7. Display of garden produce from family gardens (minimum of 5 different items)
  8. A family tree – any medium, should include, at minimum, all members
    competing in the family fun competition
  9. A family crest – unique design, any medium
  10. A family project or event – photo display, include written descriptions
    Points for each section will also be awarded toward the Family Fun Trophy: 1st: 5 pts, 2nd: 4 pts, 3rd: 3 pts, all other entries: 1 pt
    The family with the most points overall will be awarded an additional 5 pts.