Directors in Charge:

Sharon Stephens (705-377-6619) Rob Davidson (705-968-1777)

Connie Kiviaho (705-377-4751)



  1. Animals should be clean and/or groomed.

  2. Video submission for all animal entries.

  3. For sections (1-4), the exhibitor to be in the video and provide information about the animal i.e. age of animal, sex, breed, etc.

  4. Video entries must be submitted through the fair website before 11:59 pm on Friday, August 6th.

Prize Money for All Sections: 1st – $10.00, 2nd – $8.00, 3rd – $5.00

  1. Horse at Halter

  2. Best Beef Animal

  3. Best Sheep

  4. Best Goat

  5. Comical farm animal video to include 2 or more animals with caption

Submissions have been received and judging will take place  Monday, August 16th.  Stay tuned for the winners!